MSA Professional Services, Inc.

2901 International Lane, Madison, WI, 53704
(800) 362-4505

     As a full service consulting firm, MSA Professional Services is all about "creating communities that work."  Our team of specialists focusses on meeting the needs of our clients and achieving their goals.  We strive to provide superior client service, building long-term relationships with our clients and serving as their trusted partner.  We help our clients solve today's complex and multi-faceted challenges by providing the right expertise at the right time.

     With historic roots reaching back to the 1930's, MSA was incorporated in 1962 and has steadily expanded to a workforce located in 14 offices throughout the Upper Midwest.  MSA's staff includes engineers, architects, planners, GIS specialists, surveyors, and environmental scientists.  We provide municipal, industrial, and private clients with innovative, customer-focused solutions to address a wide variety of engineering and consulting needs.

     MSA is committed to doing our part to achieve a sustainable future.  As professionals, we understand the many social, economic, and environmental implications of our work.  As a company, we are systematically reducing our internal use of nonrenewable resources.  Our clients also are concered about the long-term consequences of their projects and decisions.  We seek and apply proven approaches that will achieve "triple bottom line" results by mitigating environmental degradation and resource depletion while controlling maintenance and operating costs.  Our goal, in partnership with our clients, is to enhance the quality of life with each project we complete.